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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 24, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this is a human tragedy on a scale we cannot yet project. >> from this evening i must give the british people a very simple instruction. you must stay at home. >> it's not a financial war, it's a war -- it's a medical war. we have to win this war. it's very important. >> urgency on every front but the u.s. senate still finding no common ground launching attacks at one another as a $2 trillion economic bailout flounders >> with heroins hunkered down home deliveries are soaring and so too are the jobs for the
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people that make them happen but at what cost we'll look at the health risks involved >> friends, families and neighbors are forced to find new way to congregate and socialize in this new world of social distancing some new ideas for you as we kick off this early stuz the good morning i'm phillip mena >> i'm frances rivera. it has been nearly two weeks since the coronavirus was labeled a global pandemic and it is spreading fast. america now has the hughest rate of increase in the world confirmed cases have surpassed 46,000 monday was the deadliest day so far with phase tallties surging into the triple digits pushing the death toll to 549. >> could the olympics be pushed back a year? in an interview with the committee member, he says the postponement for the olympics has been decided and could be moved to 2021. amazon is tightening its grip of people trying to profit from the panhandle
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it's pulled over half a million listings and suspended nearly 4,000 accounts for price gouging. britain's prime minister places the country on lockdown boris johnson urged brits to stay at home people will only be allowed to leave for very limited purposes. gatherings of more than two have been banned. it is some of the strictest restrictions the country has seen since the end of world war ii with soccer suspended they're turning their stadiums into field hospitals. they will hold beds about 200 of them there officials say they'll be ready in ten days and brazil is grappling with over 1,900 cases. >> tesla's elon musk makes good on his effort to help the pandemic he delivered ventilators meanwhile police in oregon arrest the man who stole thousands of respirator masks.
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the suspect tried to sell them by posting an ad on craigslist they found 25 cases with 400 masks inside walmart becomes the latest retailer to raise pay in response to the virus. $150 for part-time workers they're also hiring 150,000 new associates and if you are in self-isolation and youer tired of cooking olive garden has a new buy one get one free deal. customers get a hot meal and they get a free frozen one >> now to the deeply disturbing warnings from medical workers as hospitals ration mosq masks, gowns and goggle to their staff. some are close to running out. >> reporter: with the covid-19 pandemic crashing into the hospitals nationwide, an urgent
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plea on doctors and nurses running low on personal propecktive equipment. they're now using just one mask all day. >> i'm scared. my coworkers are scared. we're angry. we're terrified. at the risk of us being under protected. >> when she pleaded for help the community dropped off 2,000 masks at her front door. san diego icu nurse says her hospital has ppe now under lock and key. >> as a nurse, if my patient is having an emergency i need to be able to enter their room stat and help them. and it's really frustrating because sometimes you wonder, is there going to be an n 95 mass snk is there a face shield. >> with a thousand beds going into the new york's center, the mayor is warning that hospitals will run out of basic equipment within ten days.
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the governor says he's buying every mask and gown he can find worldwide but he's employing the federal government to take over the medical supply allegation for all states >> this is not the way to do it. this is ad hoc, i'm bidding up other states on the prices >> the trump administration says that sending pallets of gear to states in most need. but a dwindling supply and even says with an infusion of supplies from the strategic stocker there will not be enough supplies >> we all know no matter how much ppe we are wearing with the volume of patients we're seeing in the er most of us in the health care work force are going to get this. >> columbia university doctor sent her kid to stay with family before seeing her first covid patient. now she has tested positive. >> it justified the fear that i had that i was going to be the person that was going to infect my family. >> major nonmedical companies are stepping in to help.
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apple and facebook donating millions of masks, haines going from making underwear to surgical mask. ford, gm and tesla say they'll start producing ventilators though engineers warn that an fda approved ventilator is an extremely precise and complex pete of equipment withare and many moving parts. >> later today in new york, a new drug trial will begin. it involves taking the plasma from people who have already been sick, removing the antibodies and giving the antibodies to somebody who is sick now in the hopes that it will stimulate the immune system researchers are holding hope that this therapy may work back to you. >> all right thank you. after another major partisan showdown on capitol hill there is cautious optimism this morning among party leaders for a stimulus deal. some progress late last night on a $2 trillion proposal and chuck schumer says he hopes for a vote
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as early as tonight. let's bring in tracie potts and still no official word of the final deal >> nothing official but around midnight, just a few hours ago as those negotiations wrapped up both sites were saying they're hoping and they're expecting that there will be some sort of deal today sounds like they're coming close. there's still some outstanding issues both sides acknowledge this, but they are minor they think the big things that they've gotten out of the way after several days of negotiations but the real sticking point here being a half trillion dollar fund that the treasury department would control to give out to businesses democrats say it's a slush s he's been keeping the president involved in these negotiations the whole time >> we've bee with the president. we've probably spoken ten times today.esident would like to
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have a deal and is hopeful we can conclude this tomorrow >> we expect to haven a agreement tomorrow morning there's still a few little differences. neither of us think they're in any way going to get in any way of a final agreement >> so coming close to the middle there, the president standing by to sign off on this. republicans had argued that democrats were trying to pack this financial stimulus bill with lots of unrelated issues at the last minute. >> thank you we'll watch for progress today as congress continues to debate that massive stimulus package millions more american workers are expected to file for unemployment benefits this week. more businesses are being forced to shut down in new york here's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: turning his lights off and closing his doors last week was one of the hardest things dan has ever done >> it's hard stuff these are people that are depending on me to sell their
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merchandise and we're going to be closed. >> reporter: a store in new york's upper west side has been in his family for four generations it's now among the many empty small businesses across the country in dire straights. >> what do you make of it. >> i think it's very hard to figure out how this bill is going to trickle down to help people like myself >> reporter: a lifeline, he learned his credit card company would postpone his next payment until next work allowing him to keep paying his workers. but unemployment claims are expected to soar this week a record 15,000 claims in new jersey crashed the online system haley just filed for unemployment for the first time after the dental service where she works is closed. she's pregnant and her fiance
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worked for a small business. >> now on top of everything, another concern is having to change my birth preferences. >> reporter: the small fishing town in new jersey is already taking a huge lit. when restaurants go dark its livelihood dries up. >> the seafood industry in this country, it's a big industry and it -- it may need some attention. it will need help. it will need financial support >> reporter: there has never been such a sudden spike in unemployment claims leaving cities, big and small wondering what's next. >> deeply unsettling thanks for that report more than 150 countries and territories have now confirmed coronavirus cases and as covid-19 continues to spread globally more countries are issuing national lockdowns to curb the spread. the uk, greece and south africa have joined the list the birthplace and former epicenter of the virus, wuhan.
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more on the global fight against this pandemic. good morning >> reporter: good morning. well, the uk with 335 coronavirus deaths is now in a police enforced lockdown with strict new curves. people may only leave their homes once a day to travel to and from work, to shop for essential items and to fulfill medical needs. shops selling nonessential goods have been told to shut and gatherings of more than two people will be prohibited. these measures are going to last at least three weeks, potentially for much longer and unsurprisingly there's already enormous controversy about whether boris johnson acted fast enough having resisted forcing the population to adopt the types of lockdown measures we've seen in the u.s. and across europe in germany, angela merkel has
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tested negative. in italy although the situation continues to be devastating with a death toll above 6,000 and almost 64,000 positive cases, there was a glimmer of good news the one day rise in the number of infections with the smallest increase for five days also aid from the russian military arrived in italy to help them fight the outbreak in south africa they're going to go into a nationwide lockdown as of thursday with the most cases in africa and in china, concern about the resurgence of the virus within the country even though the number of new cases has dwinds lled there. >> less people outside these days but let's take a look autothere with janessa webb. >> good morning. yesterday was a good day to be inside as a coastal storm continues to make its way offshore saw about 3 to 5 inches of
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accumulation of snow but this continue to make its way out winds will be picking up for southern maine this afternoon and then dry conditions but on the backside of that storm system is that severe weather potential across the southern plains we have five states, 6 million people unde primary thr afternoon. upper midwest to colorado we're going to continue to see highs in the mid-50s >> so watching the storm system but we just got our latest number of coronavirus cases. a take a look at that coming up. how americans are staying social while social distancing. sulynd on the front line to the growing fear for the safety of delivery workers, next. joint pain, swelling, tenderness...
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now sheltering at home, we're relying on deliveries now more than ever. it's not just convenient, it's essential. >> here's vicky wynn >> reporter: in an open letter amazon's jeff bezos reassuring his workers that safety from covid-19 is his top priority we've implemented a series of health measures from increasing the frequency and intensity of cleaning to adjusting our practices in fulfillment centers to ensure the recommended social distancing guidelines. to meet exploding demand amazon is also hiring 100,000 new workers ordering millions of face masks and offering any employee who tests positive two weeks paid leave but with nearly a million delivery drivers on the job just how safe are those packages arriving at your door >> there's no cleanliness at all. we're essential. they're telling us we're
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essential. >> ups hub worker says his company is prioritizing delivery speed over sanitation. >> no soap, no hand sanitizer, could someone havee contaminated >> ups stresses it's disinfecting its facilities and vehicles daily providing hand sanitizing to all drivers similar policies in effect at fed ex and the u.s. postal service. while the cdc says the risk of infection from delivered packages is low, a recent study showed the virus was detectable up to 24 hours on cardboard but no covid-19 positives have been found. >> we leave our mail overnight. >> reporter: the roman family who are related to an nbc news
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figure out how to keep ourselves occupied without -- without just tv or computers and -- >> former first lady michelle obama there opening up to ellen about how her family is handling staying put during this coronavirus pandemic she wants her daughters to understand how lucky they are to have each other and their health during tough times like this which is a great message because it's easy to pout because it's tough on everybody it's not fun for anyone, but we're seeing how everybody does it, even the former first lady and her family >> you bite your tongue because there's so many people who are not healthy, not well and not safe janessa is up next with the efforts to flatten the curve >> social distancioe'tng dsn mean you have to be anti social. americans find new way to stay friendly in quarantine they left his nose raw, with each wiping motion.
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. to entresto. ust your heart we're doing our best to try to flatten the curve. but new york city seeing over 5,000 cases yesterday. we saw the drop sunday and that gave us a little glimmer of hope, but look how this has expanded just in the last 24 hours and that could be due to a potential of more cases being distributed. we're going to watch this closely for the next three to five days to see if the consistency level is still the same but northeast now nearly at 40%. >> we've got to do everything we can though to like you said flatten that curve and lessen
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now with coronavirus people are buying toilet paper like coronavirus is going to make you like just go on like a rampage in the bathroom or something you don't need that much toilet paper. >> jimmy fallon joking with comedian on monday's edition at home edition of the tonight show they've been doing their shows from home during the quarantine. their appearances have also raised money for the charity no kid >> we've been talking about this between the two of us so the reason why people stock pile is they keep telling you to stay home, stay home, so if you run out of stuff you're hesitant so you can see the both sides, the
4:27 am
argument >> i can people are going to be investing in bidets going forward. people finding fun and innovative ways of socializing in our new reality >> the violets are starting to bloom. >> reporter: americans are finding ways to socialize while social distancing. >> why is it quarantine? because it's water. >> reporter: adapting to spend more time at home measures aiming to slow the spread of the coronavirus. >> what's interesting and challenging about now is that we're all learning together. >> video chat apps such as house party or platforms like zoom can enable group hangouts including a virtual happy hour or dinner party. >> digital dates are also taking off. >> i went on my first facebook date on friday and you know, it went better than i was hoping. >> and its other sites launched a dating while distancing hotline, and apps
4:28 am
including plenty of fish are expanding live streaming features as covid-19 precautions shut down gyms, fns instructors are streaming interactive workouts >> chest close to the ground. >> reporter: and national and local celebrities are hosting online performances. >> it's fun to bring a lot of people together. >> churches now streaming sermons. djs launching remote dance parties and this facebook group hosting an online story time >> just a few of the many ways americans are sticking together while staying apart. liz mclaughlin, nbc news >> getting real creative around these times. nba season has we all know it is on hiatus so what can a 7 foot basketball player do to practice his defense?
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he swatted that kid's dunk attempts some may call it tough love but he had no chance that's all he could do the nba has not set a return date so for now that's what we got for sports got for sports than ks found one! ♪ ( laughter ) found one! ♪ found one. ♪
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thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. and i'm marcus washington along with kari and mike. we're working on the story impacting our team here and of course you at home. we're talking about the coronavirus crisis. here's the latest this half hour. the number of cases in the bay area climbing. there are nearly 900 cases, santa clara county still has the most with 321 and there are also now 17 reported deaths. a san jose foodmaxx is closed for cleaning after an employee who tested positive died. the company says the employee became infected while traveling. >> around the world more than


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